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Change in occupancy at your risk premises

The current situation has meant that we are either forced to temporarily close or vacate our business premises and work from home where possible. This brings into play new risks as our premises becomes more susceptible to vandalism and escape of water claims that might not be noticed until the damage is done. In light, insurers typically allow 30 consecutive days (some policies going as high as 90 as standard) ‘unoccupied’ grace before being required to notify them where it is common practice to then alter the terms of the policy by reducing the cover and making certain requirements like inspecting the  property weekly, turning mains/water off, etc.

Insurers are on the whole seemingly taking a pragmatic approach given the circumstances by typically extending the number of days and waiving those requirements that are not possible to be met. Please note, every insurer is however different and one size does not fit all, so we advise taking whatever steps you can to safe guard your premises and contact us in the event might exceed 30 consecutive days unoccupied, where will notify insurers and then we will continue to monitor how things unfold in the coming months.

For more information or if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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