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What is Ransomware and how might it affect you?

Ransomware is sophisticated piece of malicious software (known as Malware) that blocks its victim’s access to their files with the only way to regain access is to pay a ransom, typically in the form of Bitcoin. It is delivered in many ways, most commonly by emails that contain malicious links or attachments. It also exploits security weaknesses in vulnerable software, being redirected to malicious websites, legitimate websites that have malicious code injected in their web pages, SMS messages, botnets and spreading from one infected computer to another.

Recent research in 2018 has shown that 40% of large UK companies reported falling victim to an average of five attacks last year costing them hundreds of thousands each year compared to more than 33% of SME’s with an alarming 22% of those affected having to cease trading immediately – can your business afford to take this risk? A Cyber and Data policy can respond by covering the costs of paying for IT specialists, ransom demands, system damage, loss of earnings and minimise/repair any reputational damage.

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