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Working from home presents new risks to be aware of

For those of you like us are fortunate enough to be able to continue operating but remotely, you will be adjusting to a different working environment where the importance of routine, exercise, healthy eating, sleeping and communicating have never been so important to well being and productivity.

With this change presents new opportunities to cyber criminals looking to exploit the situation so we advise ensuring you are aware of this increased risk and take what preventative measures you can to mitigate against falling victim. This is an area we already well document the ever increasing risk it presents to businesses and individuals as we become more and more dependent on IT and hold increasing amounts of data day by day.

It is important you take basic steps to reduce the risk by ensuring all firewalls and software defence is up to date, using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), reviewing/or implementing a robust cyber policy, discourage employees from clicking on unknown links and/or falling into a criminals trap by divulging sensitive information, checking where the communication has come from via another source (cyber criminals love to hide behind emails, so we would always advise picking up the phone to speak to the person in question where the request instructions have come from to confirm), etc. These are basic tips to help set you along the right path.

We advise speaking to an external IT consultant to review and implement more robust defences, which will reduce the risk, not erase it, so recommend considering a cyber policy to pick up the residual risk that will provide the necessary support in the event of a breach by deploying IT forensics, Legal Team, PR, cover Operational Losses, defend regulatory and privacy Liability claims, etc. A breach not effectively handled from the outset, can be detrimental to a businesses reputation and can come with costly long term consequences.

For more information or if you would like to explore what covers are available, please don’t hesitate to contact us


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